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Alabama Foster & Adoptive Parent Association Annual Conference

Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Parents

Touching Lives Today Tomorrow and Forever


Your are invited to attend the Alabama Foster & Adoptive Parent Association annual conference at Shocco Springs Conference Center May 7th to 9th, 2015

You can register by calling Shocco Springs 1-800-280-1105 or visit the website and click on link to register online.

Registration cost is $35 per person and includes 2 nights and 3 days including meals. You can stay Wednesday and Thursday night or Thursday night and Friday night. If you choose to stay 3 nights you are responsible for the extra night. If you require a private room that is you are only one in room the charge is extra $20 per night. If you have any questions about charges feel free to call Shocco Springs at 800-280-1105. Everyone spending the night must be a registered guest including children. You may bring children but you must have a child care provider to take care of children while you are in workshops. Children are not allowed in workshops.


This is Election year for AFAPA officers. The election will take place on Thursday May 7th in the Chapel 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM.

Current officers are listed here. If you are interested in being considered for a position contact Cheryl Anthony Chair of Nominating Committee. or call 888-545-2372.


Executive Board


William Buddy Hooper

President AFAPA


Mary Smith

Vice President Foster Care


Joe Anthony

Vice President Adoption


Darla Works



Shirley Merrills



Members at Large

Cheryl Anthony

Martha Hooper

Julia Ann Hyde

Barbara Lawrence

Judge Paul Sherling

Leroy Smith

Sharlene Casteel



1. You will receive a Training Certificate with a list of classes on back. Be sure you have the class you attend stamped by one of the Workshop Monitors. Your Certificate must have your name on the front of it before it can be Stamped.

2.  In order to receive training hours you must not be more than 10                 -    min. late for a class or leave before the class is over.


3.  Be sure you sign the training data sheet at the registration table.

     There is a table for Foster Parents and a Separate table for those

     Receiving CEU’s. Be sure to put your address on the sheet. Sign in sheets for each class must be signed to receive credit for CEU’s.


4.  All Display tables will be in the Bagley Center.


5.  Family Store will be open in the Annex building next to the Chapel. Check sign on door for times. Take what you need for your family but please be respectful of others so that everyone has a chance to get what they need.

At the end of conference Local Foster Parent Associations are welcome to take what is left back to their counties to give out.



6. The Silent Auction is being presented again this year with proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund. Thanks to your generosity last year we were able to add more scholarships this year. More than $1200 was raised last year. I know we can do better this year.

7. Sign up at the AFAPA display table in the Bagley Center for chance at scholarships to attend your choice of either the (NFPA) National Foster Parent Conference in Norfolk, Virginia June 25th to 28th, 2015 or (NACAC) North American Council on Adoptable Children conference July 30th – August 1st, 2015 in Long Beach, California. Drawing will be held Saturday Morning at closing session. You do not have to be present to win. .Winners not present will be notified by phone and will have 24 hours to accept. Extra names will be drawn and put on waiting list in case one of the winners decline. Scholarships are for $1000 each and limited to one per family.

8. Thursday night Foster Parent Trivia game, Oldie Wed Game, and Talent Show. Limited space for participants so be sure to sign up. Those chosen to participate will be announced at beginning of program. Training hours credit will be given due to the content of the questions.

9. “It’s All About Me” Learn how to help create a scrap book for your children that tells the story about them. Limited attendance for this class. You must sign up at registration desk.

10. CPR is being offered on Friday. Check at registration to see if there any slots available.






THURSDAY, MAY 7th, 1015

7:00 – 7:45                           Breakfast in Dining Hall

7:30 - 5:00                            Registration in Chapel

8:00 – 8:30                           Welcome and conference information AFAPA Business meeting & Election of officers

8:45 – 10:15                        

Chapel –  John DeGarmo – Burnout and Stress for Foster Parents


BC room 106 – Bob Dewhurst – When you are ready to throw in the towel

BC room 206 – Josh Kroll- Transracial Adoptions

BC room 226 – Katherine Stewart Alabama Bureau Investigation – Internet Safety for Children

BC room 300- Stan Waddell, Cenpatico – Introduction to Trauma Informed Care (part 1)

10:15-10:30                         Break

10:30 – 12:00                     

Chapel – John DeGarmo - Marriage and Foster Parenting:  Making it Work


BC room 106 – Bob Dewhurst – When you are ready to throw in the towel.

BC room 206 – Josh Kroll – Adoption Subsidy

BC room 226 – Katherine Stewart Alabama Bureau Investigation – Internet Safety for Children

BC room 300- Stan Waddell, Cenpatico – Introduction to Trauma Informed Care (part 2)

BC room 306 – Cheryl Anthony – It’s All About Me (scrap booking must sign up ahead of time)

BC room 323 – Jill Sexton – Practical Play with Oppositional Child Behaviors

12:00-1:00                           Lunch in dining hall

1:15 – 2:45                          

Chapel – Judge Paul Sherling – You and Court System in Alabama

BC room 106 – Felicia Brooks SDHR Legal – Foster Parent Legal Issues

BC room 226

BC room 223 –

BC room 300 – Stan Waddell, Cenpatico – Hope for Healing Attachment Blueprints

BC room 323 – Hannah Taylor and Monica Russell – Grief and Loss in Foster and Adopted Parents

2:45 – 3:00                           Break

3:00 – 4:30          

Chapel – Eboni Watkins and Synethia Davis – Children’s Aid Society – Independent Living Program for      youth               

BC room 106 – Josh Kroll – Adoption Subsidy issues


BC room 206 –

BC room 226 – Jennifer Hartley – Suicide Prevention Gate Keeper for Youth

BC room 300 – Stan Waddell, Cenpatico – Preventing Sexual Misconduct

BC room 323 – Kai Mumpfield and Debra Finley – The Impact of Family Violence on Foster and Adopted Children


 5:00 – 6:00                          Dinner in Dining Hall

6:15 -7:45                             Chapel - Foster Parent Trivia and Oldie Wed Game & Talent Show

Friday, May 8th, 2015

7:30 – 11:30                         Registration in Chapel

7:00 – 8:00                           Breakfast in Dining Hall

8:30 – 10:00                         Welcome Ceremony with pledge of allegiance, State Flag Ceremony, Special Recognitions and Special Speaker Commissioner Nancy Buckner.

10:15 – 11:45                      Irene Clements & Sue Badeau Keynote Speakers

11:45 – 12:45                      Lunch in Dining Hall

BC room 223                       Meeting between AFAPA Board and Local Foster Parent Presidents or representative of a county

1:00 – 2:30                          

Chapel – Sue Badeau President North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) – Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

BC room 206 – Barbara Lawrence – Foster Care, Diability and Education

BC room 223 - Mary Smith and Shirley Merrills – CPR includes infant CPR 3 hour class must be signed up prior to class, check at registration for possible openings.

BC room 300 – Stan Waddell, Cenpatico – Foster Child and Holiday Stress

BC room 323 – Carla Wilson – The Voice of the Adopted Child

2:30 – 3:00                           Break

3:00 – 4:30                          

Chapel – Irene Clement former President National Foster Parent Association now serving as Executive Director NFPA - Messaging: Language, Media and Public Perception


BC room 300 -- Stan Waddell, Cenpatico – Foster Child and Holiday Stress

BC room 306 – Cheryl Anthony – All About Me (Scrap Booking must sign up ahead of time)

BC room 323 –  Kathy Hummel and Brock Sellers – Working with Adolescents



5:00 – 6:00                           Dinner in Dining Hall

6:30 – 7:30                          

Chapel – Scholarship Awards – Guest Speaker Dr. Sabrena Jackson & Jameka Hartley


Saturday, May 9th, 2015

7:00 – 8:00                           Breakfast in Dining Hall

8:00 – 10:00                        

Chapel – William Hooper – Closing Session – What did you learn and follow up questions

Click here to register for AFAPA conference online

Want to know more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Call 888-545-2372 or 866-425-5437 for more information. You can also call your local Department of Human Resources to find out when classes will be offered. To get the number for your local DHR office call the state information number 334-242-9500.There are 5000 children in foster care and hundreds who need an adoptive placement. Call today!!

Click here to donate using Paypal to any of AFAPA projects including the Walk and Memorial Scholarship Funds. Please indicated the purpose of your donation. Payments accepted with any major credit card. You do not have to have a paypal account to donate here. Include purpose of donation.

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AFAPA's Goals are:
  • Advocate on behalf of foster and adoptive parents.
  • Provide and promote quality training and education.
  • Promote the development of local foster and / or adoptive parent associations throughout the state.
  • Develop partnerships with other child advocacy agencies and organizations.
  • Actively participate in the recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive parents.
  • Inform foster and adoptive parents and others of the general public of current information pertaining to the well-being of children in care and their families
  • Develop ways to track and increase the number of foster family and adoptive homes.
  • Maintain a secure financial base to support association goals.
  • Develop a resource network for foster and adoptive parents.
Some of the Alabama Foster and Adoptive Parent Association values and beliefs are:
  • Treating children and families with dignity and respect.
  • Providing safe living environments for Alabama's children.
  • Promoting respectful partnerships between foster and adoptive families and local and state agencies.
  • Encouraging child-driven, goal oriented decision making.
  • Provide pertinent training and education.
  • Promoting a fair and equitable system of financial support for Alabama's children.
  • Having a financially visible and accountable organization.
  • Appreciating the unique cultural and ethnic difference of the families we serve.

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