Alabama Foster & Adoptive Parent Association

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February 2016 Newsletter

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Want to know more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Call 888-545-2372 or 866-425-5437 for more information. You can also call your local Department of Human Resources to find out when classes will be offered. To get the number for your local DHR office call the state information number 334-242-9500.There are 5000 children in foster care and hundreds who need an adoptive placement. Call today!!

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Welcome to the Alabama Foster & Adoptive Parent Website
For information call 1-888-545-2372 or 256-796-7351
Fax # 1-775-667-8282 or 1-888-545-2372

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AFAPA's Goals are:
  • Advocate on behalf of foster and adoptive parents.
  • Provide and promote quality training and education.
  • Promote the development of local foster and / or adoptive parent associations throughout the state.
  • Develop partnerships with other child advocacy agencies and organizations.
  • Actively participate in the recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive parents.
  • Inform foster and adoptive parents and others of the general public of current information pertaining to the well-being of children in care and their families
  • Develop ways to track and increase the number of foster family and adoptive homes.
  • Maintain a secure financial base to support association goals.
  • Develop a resource network for foster and adoptive parents.
Some of the Alabama Foster and Adoptive Parent Association values and beliefs are:
  • Treating children and families with dignity and respect.
  • Providing safe living environments for Alabama's children.
  • Promoting respectful partnerships between foster and adoptive families and local and state agencies.
  • Encouraging child-driven, goal oriented decision making.
  • Provide pertinent training and education.
  • Promoting a fair and equitable system of financial support for Alabama's children.
  • Having a financially visible and accountable organization.
  • Appreciating the unique cultural and ethnic difference of the families we serve.

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AFAPA Toll Free number1-888-545-2372